Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 3, 2008 - 1400+ mile Semi Sweet Ride to Palo Duro Canyon and the Cross at Groom, Texas

This ride actually started 5 months earlier at a South Austin bowling alley. We met after Church services to plan our rides for the first quarter of 2008. At that time we wanted to plan a ride that would be spiritually uplifting, a monumental challenge and an experience of God's great grandeur. In addition we wanted to share this experience with our wives. That said, our ride would be a "Sweet Ride" to Palo Duro Canyon and the Cross at Groom, Texas.

Here's a video showing God's glorious creation - Palo Duro Canyon.

Take a look at the second largest freestanding Cross in the Northern Hemisphere at clicking on the video below.

On the way back to Austin from Lubbock, we stumbled upon an abandoned jail house in Clairemont, Texas. This jail was supposed to have been built back in 1895, must have been a prety rough crowd back then. Inside the jail were cells that resembled steel cages more akin to holding large animals. For being over 100 years old, the jail was in remarkable shape and has a very eerie feel to it. Experience the Kent County jail by viewing the video below.

A piece of history we stumbled upon accidently while returning from Lubbock. No History markers here.

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